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September 3, 2008

The Pillars, Posts and Columns Of The Retro Homes Of Las Vegas

And there’s support walls also. This one is 1×8 planks with an offset bias. It’s from McNeil, which is one of the most popular of the Vintage Vegas Neighborhoods. There’s actually 4 separate subdivision names within […]
August 2, 2008

Amusing Things Found In The Historic, Vintage, Classic and Retro Neighborhoods Of Las Vegas

Shoot Out at the HYDE PARK corral.               It’s not even at a Liberace home. Also from HYDE PARK               Hyde Park Is […]
July 20, 2008

Tuesday’s OPEN HOUSE – The Lowest Price Home In McNeil Is a Bank Owned Foreclosure

This weeks “best foreclosure deal I can find” is in the famous McNeil neighborhood. The brick fireplace I showed you the other day is in this home. There’s not a lot of “cool” vintage fixtures, […]
July 17, 2008

Fun Fixtures Found In Foreclosures

Found a couple of interestin fireplaces the other day. The Brick one is in McNeil and the Stone is in Glen Heather.             Both of these houses are contenders for […]
June 5, 2008

Pattern # 44 In Our Series of The Mid Century Modern Sunscreens Of Las Vegas

This one has lots of hidden little designs in it, depending on where you look.                       It’s fairly common, and I’ve found it in both […]
May 22, 2008

Privacy Screens On Mid Century Modern Homes For Sale In Las Vegas Can Be Very Ingenius

This is pattern #35 in our series, but there’s more to it than that. There’s this mid mod in McNeil that’s for sale for 450,000. It’s hard to miss if you’ve driven thru the neighborhood, […]
May 5, 2008

Pattern 21 of the Mid Century Modern Decorative Block Series

I found this decorative block pattern in McNeil, which is on the west side of Rancho, between Oakey and Charleston, I’ve only ever found it on 2 of our mid century modern homes, so it’s truly a […]
April 28, 2008

Mid Century Modern Homes In Las Vegas Often Had Decorative Stone Screen Walls For Privacy

Pattern #17 in our series, seems to be everyone’s favorite when the subject of the decorative block walls comes up in conversation.       We call them the “champaign bubbles”.     I’ve seen […]
April 21, 2008

Pattern 10 – The Mid Century Modern Block Wall Designs Of Vintage Las Vegas

Pattern 10 (selected randomly from the collection) has a half circle notch at the top, and 2 quarter circle notches on the bottom corners.         Combine them together, and alternate them top […]
April 18, 2008

Very Vintage Vegas – Geographically Speaking

Last night at the Lo-Pro Mixer, someone asked me what I consider to be Very Vintage Vegas. At first I thought he was asking about the types of neighborhoods, and types of homes. But it […]